A career as a marketing manager is a very lucrative one. And hence, many freshers are interested in pursuing this career path. Are you interested in being a marketing manager in 2023? Well, in this post, you will get some tips for a successful marketing management career. Let's begin!

What is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager is a person who directs the marketing of a particular product or service to its targeted customers. The essential job role of these professionals is to identify, assess, and connect with the appropriate markets for an organization's product or service.

Steps to Follow to Become a Marketing Manager

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The path toward becoming a marketing manager is a challenging one. You have to work hard and have the patience to achieve that. Marketing is an ever-changing career path, so one needs to stay on top of the upcoming trends in the market. Here are the steps to follow toward becoming a marketing manager:

  • Earn a bachelor's degree in Marketing Management

The first thing you need to do is get a bachelor's degree in marketing management. Candidates who have pursued an undergraduate program in business find it easy to make it through the entry-level marketing job. Many management colleges in Bangalore provide you with a degree in marketing. Make sure you are admitted to one of the colleges.

  • Consider Specialized Certification

After your bachelor's in marketing management, you can take up a postgraduate diploma in marketing or PGDM. With this certification, you will find it easier to get through the job market. Colleges for PGDM offer courses to help students better understand the course and the discipline.

  • Work Experience Matters

After completing your education, you can enter the job market. Before becoming a marketing manager, you should gain job experience. How? By working as a marketing associate or assistant. Generally, freshers are not preferred as marketing managers. Thus, you must gain relevant work experience.

  • Pursue an MBA (Master in Business Administration)

After obtaining a bachelor's degree and gaining relevant work experience, you must pursue an MBA. This is the best course to be a marketing manager. An MBA degree will help you understand the working of a business. It will also increase your job security & career opportunities in marketing management.

  • Attend Trade Association Events

To gain further experience, attend trade association events. Such candidates who are interested in the marketing field must be involved in marketing seminars and conferences. During such events, companies seek to recruit fresh recruits. This is an excellent chance to meet top potential employers and ask them any questions regarding their recruitment policies.

Skills Required to be a Marketing Manager

  • Leadership Skills

A marketing manager is a leader. They hold the team together and guide them in the right direction. Thus, to be a successful marketing manager, you must have good leadership skills. You can join PGDM in Marketing Management program. This program will prepare you to become the top marketing professional in the market.

  • Communication

A marketing manager communicates with his team members. Your job will require you to share marketing plans, strategies, and tactics the company can implement. Thus, to be a successful marketing manager, you must have good communication skills. Remember, you must communicate what's on your mind and what goals need to be achieved.

  • Creative Thinking

A marketing manager is required to think creatively. It's their job to develop and implement new ideas to stay updated with the current trends in the market. Creative thinking skills will help you throughout your career.

  • Problem-Solving Skills

To become a successful marketing manager, you must be a good problem-solver. You will have to solve many issues regarding budgeting, communication, team building, etc.


So, now you know how to be a marketing manager. Just follow this guide, and you will be on your way to a successful career as a marketing manager. Good Luck!